Kim Milants

Your Growth Rebelle

First of all I am the proud mom of Jasmijn & Lander and I am all about creating value with people. I have learned to embrace my own ‘light’ and really own my sensitive side which enables me to feel where the true growing pains are or what is under your skin.

I have devoted my career to grow people and scale organizations as a People & Organization strategist and this for the past +10 years. When you call in people like me there are a lot of ‘growing pains’… and the organization/company has ‘underexposed’ several strategic matters. Going from turnarounds to prepping to sell the company. That being said, companies don’t change. People do and as a result companies can evolve or even disrupt themselves (unlearn). Why? Because culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Being a foodie starting with herbalism just came naturally to me. Since 2020 I am a graduated Herbalist and I am so grateful for understanding much better the beauty and the power of nature. I share this passion with anyone who is open to it. Let food be your medicine! Also, I commit to support childhoodcancer patients and their family. Because when you fight for your life, good and tasteful food is not a nice to have. And superheroes deserve super powers, right?! Hell yes! The good cause Powah I once started is now embedded in the biggest NGO in Belgium that supports these heroes ‘Kinderkankerfonds vzw’ and until good food and eating experience are part of the healthcare program I will keep on raising attention and funds to tackle this massive issue.

I am an enabling leader with a natural thirst for growth and business development. Because I love to see challenges from a fresh point of view, and this combined with my analytical skills – I just need to understand – often has led to successful creative ideas. Instead of outside the box… get rid of it! I’m a true instigator of change and I sense strategically where an organization/company needs to go.

Because working with a person is a lifetime gift I am devoted to help and support others to stand in their light and help them untangle their growing pains and embrace their reality to grow from there. A comfort zone is a beautiful place and nothing ever grows there.

Let me know when you are ready to untie the issues you are facing and g(r)o(w).

In a nutshell how I can help you

As your very personal Growth Rebelle

Fueling you to g(r)o(w)

As your Board member

Being a true growth Rebelle at the table

As your strategic Growth Rebelle

Fueling your company to g(r)o(w)

As your captain

Only for companies/organizations on the grow where I get the full mandate

As inspiration

I love to share my passion and inspire others to g(r)o(w)

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